About Us


Our aim at Vitae Sports is to provide a service and relationship that covers all of our modern-day athlete’s needs.
Whether it is the established international looking to increase their profile and opportunities, the young prospect starting out, needing guidance in a sometimes-daunting sporting world or a professional coach who is looking to unlock their potential in this new era of opportunity.
Our philosophy is to provide the bridge between players and clubs to create the perfect environment for our clients to thrive.
It is not just about turning up to negotiate a new contract, it is about the important things in between; the advice a player needs when things are not going so well, the ability to be able to solve issues to enable the client to focus on what is most important, playing sport!
We want our clients to be in the best frame of mind to succeed and help them to be in the right place at the right time. We want to create the best opportunities on a global scale and provide the platform for you to get there.
Relationships and loyalty are key for us and if you have the character, ability and passion then we want you with the Vitae Sports team.


What We Do

We can maximise your potential to play year-round on the world’s greatest cricketing stages. We represent players and coaches and work with a global network of cricket experts to identify opportunities for our clients.

The world of cricket has changed. Let us help you identify new opportunities and unleash your potential!

Our Services

General Services

Vitae Sports General Services

Vitae Sports offers a unique approach using our 14 years of experience to ensure that each client receives comprehensive representation to provide them with opportunities to succeed.

Contract Negotiation

Vitae Sports Contract Negotiation

Vitae Sports has established itself in the cricketing world as a unique contract negotiating firm. Our management team uses extensive preparation, research, and planning to generate maximum opportunities for our clients.


Vitae Sports Advisory

Vitae Sports offers expert advice and consultation to individual athletes and their families on their options, both professionally and collegiately, no matter what sport they participate in.

Brand & Marketing Development

Brand & Marketing Development Vitae Sports

Vitae Sports will ensure comprehensive and unique marketing goals for its clients, assessing the client’s current reputable brand also implementing a vital marketing plan to grow the athletes name recognition and to further enhance social media presence.

Performance Development

Vitae Sports Performance Development


Vitae Sports work closely with Square One Sports Injury Rehabilitation to ensure we are able to recognise and identify any areas in which our athletes can further develop. We do this with new and innovative training and strengthening strategies for all our clients in sports.