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The Mzansi hawks was born through the inception of the LPL. It was known as the Crescent Hawks. The name Crescents comes from the Crescents cricket club which was officially formed in 1938. It’s humble beginnings formed in a primarily Indian township called Vrededorp in Johannesburg. From its inception, both informally before 1938 and officially, it has always been more than a cricket club. It is a kinship that goes beyond the field. A family of brothers and sisters rom vastly different backgrounds brought together by the love of this beautiful game.

After 10 years of the LPL cricket, in 2020 the name changed to The Mzansi Hawks. A name that encapsulates a greater spectrum of society but built around the same values and culture. The Mzansi Hawks has gone beyond cricket. We are now creating opportunities in Cricket, Hockey and Netball. An exciting time lies ahead in the years to come for The Mzansi Hawks. We are two time winners of the LPL and are affectionately known as “The Peoples Team”.

Our Cricket Division is headed up by Ahmed Nawab.

Our Hockey Division is headed up by Nadia van Biljon.


Our vision is to provide opportunities for boys and girls to grow holistically in every aspect of their lives. We want to provide a high-performance environment for players, coaches and administrators to develop and become leaders in their own game. We want to attract and develop great people. We aspire to promote all sporting codes that we are involved in. We want to Open Minds and create opportunities to lead. As is found with Hawks- we want to create “Guardians of the Earth” in every way possible. We want to allow our boys and girls to SOAR TO NEW HEIGHTS.


We pride ourselves on establishing these core values in our Franchise: Elite Honesty, Supreme Humility, Elite work ethic, Soaring in Professionalism, Elite Learning, high level Friendships and Trust. Equality and belief in each other. Enjoyment in everything we do.