Our aim at Vitae Sports is to provide a service and relationship that covers all of our modern-day athlete’s needs.
Whether it is the established international looking to increase their profile and opportunities, the young prospect starting out, needing guidance in a sometimes-daunting sporting world or a professional coach who is looking to unlock their potential in this new era of opportunity.
Our philosophy is to provide the bridge between players and clubs to create the perfect environment for our clients to thrive.
Relationships and loyalty are key for us and if you have the character, ability and passion then we want you with the Vitae Sports team.


We can maximise your potential to play year-round on the world’s greatest cricketing stages. We represent players and coaches and work with a global network of cricket experts to identify opportunities for our clients.
The world of cricket has changed. Let us help you identify new opportunities and unleash your potential!
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"I have worked with Darren in a number of different roles for almost a decade now. Throughout that time our relationship has grown stronger, to the point now where I'm very proud to call him a friend.This is testament to his professionalism, honestly and integrity and the way he goes about his business. He works extremely hard for those he represents and always remains consistent in his encouragement and support no matter the circumstances. I'm absolutely certain that with Darren steering the ship, Vitae sports will be a huge success"

Ashley Giles MBE ECB Managing Director
Ashley Giles

"I really appreciate the relationship, support and opportunities Vitae Sports have given me. I am delighted to have Darren and the team guide me through my career."

Azhar Ali Pakistan Captain
Azhar Ali

"Darren has always provided me with an excellent service throughout my career. He is always very approachable and handles all parties with a great deal of respect. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship long into the future"

Ben Brown Sussex
Ben Brown

"I have known Darren since 2011. He has been a huge asset to me in my career and has became a very good friend. He has been very supportive of me and helped me with many things on my journey in cricket, not only helping to negotiate contracts on my behalf. I firmly believe working with an agent like Darren has helped me in my career as with his help I have been able to concentrate on playing rather than becoming distracted by other things. Thanks for all the help and support Darren!"

Chris Wright Leicestershire
Chris Wright

"I'd like to thank Darren for all the help and advice in recent years. He has always been on the end of the phone when needed and offered me a huge amount of support"

Daryl Mitchell PCA Chairman and Worcestershire
Daryl Mitchella

"I have worked with Darren for more than a decade and can't praise him highly enough during that time. Highly recommended."

Jeetan Patel New Zealand and Warwickshire
Jeetan Patel

"From the day I signed with Darren I knew I made the right choice. He has been brilliant to work with, he's honest and always has my best interests at heart. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to represent me."

Keith Barker Hampshire
Keith Barker

"It is my pleasure to recommend Darren and Vitae Sports in the world of sports management. Darren has always operated with great professionalism and care for his clients and has been of great help to ourselves in many aspects of the sporting environment. He is very well connected and respected and has earned a great deal of trust in cricket over many years."

Wasim khan PCB Managing Director
Wasim Khan
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